Big Noise Torry has only been going for nine months so we had to recruit volunteers who had little or no knowledge about Sistema Scotland's Big Noise programmes. We asked some of our volunteers about their experiences and why they volunteer with us. Here are some of their testimonials...


Michael Craig

quote.pngI thoroughly enjoy my volunteering role at Sistema Scotland's Big Noise Torry whether it is supervising the walking lines from Walker Road or Tullos Primaries, assisting our wonderful musicians during the teaching sessions or just blethering wi' the bairns at snack time.

I have found it immensely rewarding and feel I am making a valuable contribution  to the ground breaking work Sistema Scotland and there amazing team is undertaking in the Torry community.quote.png


Elaine Lyon

quote.pngI so enjoy being a part of the Big Noise team. I love working with the staff, trying my best to be an aid, and support all of the ideas that contiually happen. The children are all really keen and I have seen real progress with all of them. 

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to keep some of the children on track, but because we all share the responsibility of ensuring that the children, and the adults, get the best possible outcome and enjoy their time at Big Noise, it really is a pleasure to continue to be there!!!

The time just flies by and before you know it, we are clearing up. We have got a really brilliant team and I think we all work together really well. 

I come away from the after school club feeling that I have hopefully  made a good contribution, and that I have also learned a lot. I am not musically gifted, so I really appreciate being given the opportunity to learn how to play all of the instruments whichever class I'm in. quote.png


Jayne Carmichael-Norrie

quote.pngBeing a volunteer with Big Noise is such a rewarding and engaging experience.  I have been welcomed by all of the staff as part of a strong team who all work together and support each other.  As a volunteer I feel valued and appreciated, Big Noise are keen to give us training and develop our skills.  This is a very active role, there is never a dull moment.  It is very rewarding to see progress in the children's musical ability, and for them to grow in their overall confidence.quote.png


Chrissie Stitt


I first got involved with Big Noise because I had been following news on the El Sistema projects for a few years and it seemed to me like an excellent organisation to be involved with. Volunteering with BN Torry has confirmed this. The tutors and staff are fantastic, making every effort to get to know all the children. They listen to what they have to say, learn what suits them individually and do everything they can to adapt what they do to every child's individual needs.

Within a matter of mere months, I had already began to see vast improvements in the children, both musically and socially which is a true testament to their work and an absolute joy to see.

For me, it has given me a real insight into what it means to be a community musician within an educational context. I too have learned so much from them and it has given me great experience within the sector I hope to work.quote.png


Melanie Mclean


I really enjoy volunteering with Big Noise because it's nice to get to learn how to play an instrument alongside the kids, and it's a lot of fun watching them learn different things about music as well. Sometimes I find it difficult to know what to do if the children are misbehaving, but luckily everyone is really helpful if I have any questions.quote.png




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