What is it like to be a volunteer at Big Noise Raploch? We asked some of our volunteers about their experiences and why they volunteer with us. Here are some of their testimonials...


Marie Urquhart

quote.pngmarie.jpgI first started volunteering with Big Noise when my youngest child started school.  My 3  kids have all got so much from Big Noise and I thought volunteering would be a way of giving a wee bit back. I was also thinking about trying to get back to working again after a few years break having my family, and thought volunteering with Big Noise might help building my confidence and experience for getting back into work. 

Volunteering with Big Noise has been a rewarding experience.  It's great to find out more about all the work they do, and find out more about what your kids are learning with Big Noise.  It really did help with my confidence and the experience and training opportunities with Big Noise did help me secure a job.

I still continue to volunteer because I enjoy it.  Working with the young people can be a lot of fun. At times too, it can be challenging, and on occasions the children and young peoples behaviour can be frustrating, especially after a long or difficult day at School. But just when you feel it getting you down, a child will play a piece well, and the satisfaction they get from this gives you such a boost.  Or you will hear them play together with their orchestra, and it sounds so good it moves you, giving you a tingle down your spin. Suddenly the frustrations are forgotten, and the young people of Big Noise have lifted your spirits, brightened your day and made you proud.quote.png


Eddy González

quote.pngEddy.jpgI came from Venezuela and arrived to the Raploch in August 2011 and I started volunteering for Sistema Scotland in October that year.

From the start, I felt the warmth and cohesion of this lovely community, and felt welcomed by the school, by the church, and by Big Noise, which additionally offered me the opportunity and the support to grow new roots here and give back in a very special way, helping the children to enjoy their music.

It has been immensely rewarding to see their smiling wee faces all these four years and accompanying some of them from their start ups in the Paper Orchestra all their way up to Reds and Rinconadas.

I can tell I am getting out a superb feeling of being useful inside this great family, and being part of the blossoming of the new generation of citizens who know that nothing is impossible if they try even a little bit every time, if you try it many times.quote.png




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