Sistema Scotland Strategy 2021-22: Covid-19 strategic response

Our strategy

Supporting children, young people and families to realise their potential, improving lives and strengthening communities through music and nurturing relationships.

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The strategy outlines not only what we will do in 2021-22 and indeed beyond, but also the vision and values that will underpin this work.

At the heart of the strategy is a commitment that Big Noise programmes will support children, young people, families and communities in Scotland to sustain and improve their wellbeing, resilience and learning, and to strengthen networks throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond by:

targeting our long-term, immersive support in communities of greatest need and

broadening impact by sharing resources and creating learning partnerships.


None of this would be possible without the support of our partners and funders. We thank them for enabling us to keep making a Big Noise - at home, at school, in person and online. 

Strategy consultation

This strategy has been created in consultation with the children and young people of Big Noise, their families and other community members, and our local partners. It has been informed by their experiences of Big Noise and their hopes for the future. It has also been shaped by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and Sistema Scotland’s response to it. 

We would like to thank our participants, their families and the Big Noise communities for working with us, supporting us and inspiring us every single day. 




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