Sistema Scotland is governed by a Board which meets at least quarterly and is responsible for the strategic direction of the charity.  The Board currently comprises 10 non-executive members drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds relevant to the work of the charity.  The mix of skills and experience on the Board ensures that members are able to maintain robust and effective oversight of the affairs of the organisation.

The Board has established five sub-committees:


Audit Committee

Comprising three non-executive Board members, the Audit Committee meets at least twice per year to oversee the audit of the annual accounts, appointment of auditors, risk management, internal control and financial procedures, and health and safety.


  • Donald Lamont (Chair)
  • Sally Magnusson
  • Irene Tweedie

Finance Committee

Comprising three non-executive Board members, the Finance Committee meets at least quarterly to scrutinise the management accounts, to review any significant investment plans and to monitor cash flow projections and the progress of fundraising activities.


  • Irene Tweedie (Chair)
  • Paul Jourdan
  • Donald Lamont

Music Committee

Comprising the Director of Music and four non-executive Board members, the Music Committee gives independent advice and support to the Director of Music on all musical matters.


  • Peter Nicholson, Director of Music
  • Nicola Benedetti
  • Kathryn Jourdan
  • Paul Jourdan
  • Fergus McWilliam

Remuneration Committee

Comprising three non-executive Board members and a co-opted independent member, the Remuneration Committee meets at least twice per year and reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Sistema Scotland on all salary levels across the organisation including for new posts and for the key roles of Chief Executive Officer and Director of Music. The Committee both considers any changes or additional responsibilities in the roles, benchmarking with comparable organisations (which includes both reviewing salary levels and what other comparable organisations are paying as an annual cost of living award) and the affordability to Sistema Scotland of any increases.


  • Maggie Cunningham (Chair)
  • Benny Higgins
  • Irene Tweedie
  • Jackie Russell (Co-opted Member)

Nomination Committee

Comprising the Chairman, Deputy Chair and one non-executive Board member, the Nomination Committee oversees and make recommendations regarding the balance of skills on the Board, succession planning, and recruitment.


  • Benny Higgins (Chair)
  • Maggie Cunningham
  • Paul Jourdan

The Executive Team is headed by Nicola Killean, Chief Executive Officer, who reports to the Board.

For further information regarding Sistema Scotland’s governance, please contact the Company Secretary, David Sinclair at david.sinclair@sistemascotland.org.uk


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