Who pays for Big Noise?

All instruments, tuition, snacks, and participation are offered absolutely free of charge to families in the communities we work in.

Raploch is funded in partnership with Stirling Council and other private sources.

The Scottish Government provided the funds which helped us launch Govanhill in 2013. Govanhill is also funded by money from private sources and we hope Glasgow City Council will continue to grow their investment in future years.

Aberdeen City Council is funding 75% of the costs at Big Noise Torry with other private contributions from local businesses and trusts.

Optimistic Sound currently funds 75% of the costs at Big Noise Douglas with other private contributions from local businesses and trusts.


How will Big Noise be able to keep funding this programme?

By demonstrating that it works. Demonstrating that children involved in Big Noise orchestras are showing increased confidence and capacity for learning across their lives, and that the Big Noise centres are contributing to transforming the community, and contributing to creating a wealthier, fairer, healthier, safer, stronger, smarter and greener Scotland. We aim to share responsibility for funding Big Noise centres with local authorities, central government, community planning partners, business and individuals.

Money spent on Big Noise orchestras is an investment in children which will save society a great deal more in the long-run. We are an early-intervention which makes financial as well as social sense.


What are your plans for bringing Big Noise to other places in Scotland? How many Big Noise Centres do you plan to have?

Long-term we hope to have many Big Noise Centres across Scotland.

We are also committed to responsible growth and sustainability of our existing sites, so we take a long time time to assess any new centre, partnerships to develop this, and our financial viability to sustain and grow.




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