2015 Findings

Our work is currently the subject of extensive research led by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health.


First findings were published in May 2015 and show convincing evidence of positive change to children’s lives. Researchers conclude the programme represents a good investment for society. 


The findings include evidence that Big Noise:

  • improves confidence, pride and self-esteem
  • has the potential to support participants to lead fuller and healthier lives
  • has the potential to quickly generate greater social benefits than the costs of delivery
  • participants have higher school attendance
  • offers respite and protection to the most vulnerable

Professor Carol Tannahill, Director of the Glasgow Centre for Population Health said: “This evaluation strongly endorses Sistema Scotland’s approaches to delivery: the short and medium-term impacts of the programme evidenced at this stage of the evaluation are very encouraging. What is also certain is that Sistema Scotland’s Big Noise programme has the potential to significantly enhance participants’ lives, prospects, health and wellbeing through a variety of identified pathways in the long-term. Any endorsement of Sistema Scotland is also an endorsement of a range of local partners who contribute to the delivery of Big Noise, and of the commitment shown by the schools in both Raploch and Govanhill.”


“It is worth emphasising that while Big Noise can appear to the casual observer to be like many other arts or music programmes, we encountered a number of factors which, when taken together, potentially make it unique – including its ambition, longevity, intensity and inclusivity. We also recognise the quality of relationship between Big Noise musician and participant as being vital to the reported impacts, both observed presently and theorised as we look to the future.”


An economic assessment of Big Noise Govanhill concludes the programme is a worthwhile investment, and may be producing outcomes of higher value than costs by the sixth year.


Professor Cam Donaldson, Yunus Chair in Social Business and Health at Glasgow Caledonian University said: “projections underline that Big Noise Govanhill represents a worthwhile investment, and that the short-term benefits of the programme observed and reported by the GCPH and Education Scotland, based on this economic modelling, have the potential to translate favourably in economic terms as early as year six of programme delivery.”



The full report can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf link on the right. Alternatively, a summary of the findings can be viewed here.



Journal of Public Mental Health

In March 2016, the GCPH published a paper on the work of Big Noise in the special edition "Childhood, parenting, families and young people" of the Journal of Public Mental Health.

This publication marks an important milestone for us moving from the independent Glasgow Centre for Population Health endorsement of Big Noise into the work being peer reviewed. Two international expert reviewers have critiqued the paper and have stated the work is important within international public mental health; the methods GCPH used are valid and the findings are legitimate.

The full document can be viewed here.




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