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Sistema Scotland has been the subject of various 

independent research studies which look at the impact of our Big Noise Programmes on the children and young people who participate.


Evaluation reports are all available through our website.


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Through their long-term research (since 2013), the Glasgow Centre for Population Health has found that there are seven main areas of a child’s life that can be positively affected by attending Big Noise:


  • Educational: Concentration, listening, co-ordination, language development, school attendance, school outcomes.
  • Life Skills: Problem solving, decision-making, creativity, determination, self-discipline, leadership.
  • Emotional: Happiness, security, pride, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, an emotional outlet, resilience.
  • Social: Social mixing, social skills, cultural awareness, diverse friendships, strong friendships, support networks.
  • Musical: Strong instrument skills, reading music, performance skills, music career options, access to other music organisations.
  • Physical: Healthy snacks, opportunities for games/ exercise, creating healthy habits for adulthood.
  • Protection: Someone to confide in, calm environment, safe environment, reduced stress.


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