Super Strings Sessions: with Big Noise and Nicola Benedetti

As Big Noise celebrates its 10th year of delivering in communities in Scotland, we are inviting young players from all over the country who have been learning to play in many different ways, to form one-off string ensembles to celebrate what we all love – to make music together!

Sistema Scotland invites you to join Nicola Benedetti and the children, young people and teachers from Big Noise centres as we celebrate all that is wonderful about string playing in Scotland! 

We are organising four days across September and October for young people to have a chance to work with Nicola and to have a new experience working with peers at their level from across the country.

Young string players are invited to join us for two days:

  1. a full day focused at their level of ensemble string playing (beginner, intermediate, or advanced)
  2. a full day joining together participants from the beginner, intermediate and advanced days to create a huge ensemble string players playing together with Nicola Benedetti!

Each day will be planned according to the ability of the children and will consist of a series of performances, workshops, masterclasses, and ensemble sessions which will focus on various aspects of string playing. Although each day will be a discreet entity, we are programming one differentiated piece which will enable all participating children to be included in the festival day in October at a level which is appropriate to their ability.


The workshops will be planned and delivered by a number of string teaching staff, including Big Noise teachers from across the centres, and we are delighted that Nicola will be present at and contributing to all sessions.

Alongside the artistic and social aims that will be met, there will be time and opportunities for young people to meet, discuss, and be heard. Sessions will include time for the children and young people to share their thoughts and opinions and to nurture developing, and established voices.


What are the aims of the Super Strings Sessions?

  • Social: To nurture collaboration, new networks and friendships amongst young people and teachers involved in music making in Scotland.
  • Artistic: Nicola Benedetti specifically wants to focus on creating a BIG SOUND. How does technique, freedom of expression and command of your instrument all combine individually and within an ensemble to create the fullest sound together.
  • Empowerment: To develop a shared voice for young string players in Scotland, to celebrate all that is good about what they can experience, and have their say on improvements for the future.


Who can apply?

Children and young people from across Scotland can apply. Young string players from Big Noise centres and their local authority partners will be attending, along with others who learn in different local authorities or through private tuition from different areas across the country.


What Super Strings Sessions can I apply for?

All participants will be invited to attend two days of playing with other young people from across the country and Nicola Benedetti.

The date of your first day will be based on your stage of playing. We will be holding beginner and intermediate sessions for those who live in the north (event location will be Aberdeen) and those from south and central belt (event location will be Stirling). The advanced strings day will be nationwide and will take place in Glasgow. The options for your first day are:

  • Beginner North (location Aberdeen) - 3rd September     
  • Intermediate North (location Aberdeen) - 3rd September     
  • Beginner Central (location Stirling) - 4th September     
  • Intermediate Central (location Stirling) - 4th September 
  • Advanced Strings (location Glasgow) - 7th October  

The second day will bring together all young people across all stages for a final day of music with Nicola Benedetti at the festival of strings day on the 9th October, at Caird Hall in Dundee.


How do you apply?

Applications for the Super Strings Sessions: with Big Noise and Nicola Benedetti are now closed.

If you have any further queries please visit our FAQs page here, contact or phone the Sistema Scotland offices on 01786 462923.

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