Empowerment - Super Strings Sessions

What is the Empowerment Strand?

As part of the Super Strings Sessions, all of the young people taking part were asked to tell us about their hopes for the next ten years, in terms of music and arts opportunities in Scotland. This was done by asking the young people to submit 'A Wish' about the future. The wishes of the young people offered an exciting insight into what the younger generations hoped for in terms of music and arts.

Following on from the wishes, we worked in partnership with Young Scot to create a small advisory group of the young people to explore the ideas and themes that had come out of the wishes that has been made, and to think about how young people themselves could help some of those wishes come true. Below are just a few example of the kind of wishes that came out of the sessions.


 We wish: 

"...that all children and young people have access to learn and play instruments"

"...for the opportunity to play different types of music at concerts, events and lessons"

"...for opportunities to be tailored to your level and not your ages, and available to all ages" 

"...for the opportunity to meet inspirational players, and to have more musical role models to be inspired by"

"...for more money to make sure all young people can afford things things like instruments, resources and lessons"




Themes of the wishes

When we explored the wishes, there were fourteen key themes that emerged:

Access.png Age.png Area.png   Awareness.png  Big Noise.png Education.png Funding and resources.png Genres.png Instrument.png Levels.png motivations.png Opportunity.png  Role Models.png Stigma.png





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