Artistic - Super Strings Sessions

What is the Artistic Strand?

Bringing together so many talented and hardworking young string players for this special event, we always new something very special was going to be created.


As part of the Artistic Strand of the sessions, Nicola Benedetti was especially focused on creating a BIG SOUND, and looking at how technique, freedom of expression and command of an instrument all combine individually and within an ensemble to create the fullest sound together. 


Lots of hard work rehearsing

All of the young people worked fantastically hard during the 4 days of the Super Strings Sessions, to improve on their technique, learn new skills, and work together. Here's a wee behind the scenes peek during the Advanced Sessions in Glasgow.



The Super Strings Orchestra Performance

Here is the one-off performance of Tempest, performed by the Super Strings Orchestra (made up of more than 300 children and young people) and Nicola Benedetti, at the Caird Hall (Dundee).

Music: Tempest, composed by James Redwood and commissions by Scottish Ensemble.



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