New board member Announced

Fiona Duncan has been announced as the newest member of Sistema Scotland's board


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We are delighted to welcome Fiona Duncan, the chair of the Promise Scotland, to our board.


Fiona says that she chose to join our board because we deliver opportunities for children that they would otherwise not have.


Fiona is chair of the body responsible for driving and supporting the change demanded by Scotland’s independent care review— which she also chaired – including ‘the promise’ to care-experienced children and young people that they will grow up loved, safe, and respected. As chair of the independent care review, Fiona ensured that the voices of children and young people were at the very centre of is purpose and heard throughout.


Until recently, she was the chief executive of the Corra Foundation, a philanthropic grant-giving organisation for people and communities experiencing disadvantage, and has decades of experience working in the voluntary sector. Today she is the Foundation’s strategic director.

Part of her role with Sistema Scotland will involve helping assess how the life-changing impact of the charity’s work is measured, and more broadly how Scotland measures what really matters to children and young people.


Fiona Duncan said:

“I love Sistema Scotland; I love what it does, and the opportunities it gives to children and young people who are taking part in making music and developing life skills in the process.


“I particularly like the fact that the children and young people get opportunities that they might otherwise not have had; transformational opportunities where they can show their immense talent and passion, and their ability to work together.


“It gives children and young people moments to shine and to achieve something that they might otherwise not have had the opportunity to achieve – that they might otherwise never have dreamt of. I’m a big fan of Sistema Scotland and I’m really glad to be able to join the board. 


“What I’m looking forward to most is really getting to know some of the children and young people who have been part of the Sistema story over the years and who are part of the Sistema story now.”


Benny Higgins, chair of Sistema Scotland, said:

“We’re thrilled to welcome Fiona to the board. She brings years of incredible experience of working with children and young people and campaigning to improve their lives.


“The work of The Promise Scotland aligns closely with what we achieve in our Big Noise programmes – ensuring that young people in disadvantaged situations can achieve their full potential.


“Our transformational social impact, which is rightly recognised by the Scottish Government, is beyond doubt – and we look forward to the start of the new school year so that we can provide more opportunities for Scotland’s children and young people.”



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