New Director of Music and Curriculum Announced

David Munn is appointed Sistema Scotland's new Director of Music and Curriculum

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Sistema Scotland is thrilled to announce that David Munn has been appointed as the charity’s new Director of Music and Curriculum. With an exceptional background in music education and performance, David will bring vital support and a wealth of experience to this pivotal role, helping to fully support our Big Noise communities, participants, and staff members. 

David's journey through the world of music is marked not only by excellence in performance but also by his deep dedication to nurturing the talents of young performers. He graduated with a first-class Honours degree from the University of Glasgow and the University of Illinois, later earning a Masters degree in Cello Performance with Distinction from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. His diverse experience as a performer includes collaborations with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and Scottish Opera orchestras, among others. 

David begins his new role as Director of Music and Curriculum after spending the past nine years working at Big Noise Raploch. In his previous roles at Sistema Scotland, David has been unwavering in his commitment to the children and young people of Big Noise. His roles as Senior Musician and temporary Head of Centre at Big Noise Raploch have provided him with valuable insights into our Big Noise programmes and the communities in which we work. 

David's new role has a pivotal focus on curriculum development, a crucial element in our mission to empower young musicians. Collaborating closely with the Paul Sullivan, Director for Children, Young People & Communities, David is determined to place the voices of young people at the very heart of everything we do 

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David Munn, Director of Music and Curriculum, said:  

 "I am really delighted to have been given the honour of musically leading an organisation I care so deeply about.  

Having joined the Raploch team in 2014, I have grown (and aged!) with many of our young people. I have also witnessed the growth of the organisation and, in my roles as Senior Musician and temporary Head of Centre, have been increasingly involved in supporting other team members deliver the Big Noise programmes to more and more young people. 

When asked about his hopes and priorities for his new role and for Big Noise as a whole, David said: 

“I want to provide the best support to all of our Big Noise centres, teams, and communities. I want all our Big Noise centres and teams to be thriving, feeling well-connected and well-supported as they deliver intensive, immersive, high-quality music provision. 

“I am also looking for more and more opportunities for creative music making, whether that be within each centre, or opportunities for centres to combine in music making, as well as opportunities that we can give our young people to work with external partners – whether that be other musical groups, or other non-musical groups - so that we can tie in all of the strands of what Big Noise is together.” 

As David Munn steps into his role as Director of Music and Curriculum, Sistema Scotland anticipates an exciting new chapter marked by innovative music education and enriching experiences for the children and young people who are at the heart of our Big Noise communities. 



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