Big Noise Govanhill side-by-side with the RSNO

A total of 86 young musicians and singers from Big Noise Govanhill performed side-by-side with the RSNO at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall on Saturday.



Concertgoers were treated to a special rendition of ‘We Make a Big Noise’ – a piece performed by the joint symphony orchestra and the Big Noise Govanhill choir – which was written as a collaboration between songleader Penny Stone, award winning composer Seonaid Aitken, and the young people.


In March of this year, Ms Stone was invited to lead a music composition workshop with the Big Strings Orchestra at Big Noise Govanhill, with the aim of helping participants to explore their creative side and translate it into lyrics, melody and rhythm, while reflecting the rich cultural diversity of Govanhill. The lyrics of the piece 'We Make a Big Noise' came from Big Noise Govanhill’s participants, and incorporate lyrics written in languages including Turkish, Hindi and Urdu.




Ms Stone took the musical and lyrical ideas generated by the young people during the session to create the piece, and the version performed at the Royal Concert Hall was specially arranged by composer Ms Aitken for Big Noise Govanhill’s collaboration with the RSNO.


The special side-by-side concert gave the young participants an opportunity to play alongside accomplished professional musicians as part of Scotland’s national orchestra, while demonstrating their musical skill to friends and family.




Andy Stevenson, RSNO Director of Learning and Engagement, said:  

“Our partnership with Sistema Scotland’s Big Noise centres is an integral part of how the RSNO engages with communities across Scotland. Welcoming the young people of Big Noise to the stage alongside our musicians and artists is an exciting experience for everyone involved. Happy tenth anniversary Big Noise Govanhill from all at the RSNO - we wish them many more years of bringing music to the young people of Govanhill.”


David Munn, our Director of Music and Curriculum, said: 

“The brilliant collaboration between Big Noise and RSNO was perfectly on show tonight in the performance of 'We Make a Big Noise' - written in part by our fantastic young musicians themselves. Everyone at Sistema Scotland and is immensely proud of all of our young people from Govanhill that took to the stage tonight. Tonight's performance not only highlights the dedication of the orchestra in inspiring the next generation of young musicians, but also underlines the transformative impact of Big Noise in nurturing confidence, resilience, and creativity in our communities.”



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