Big Noise in the community - Autumn update

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In September 2020, in line with Scottish Government guidance, we were able to reopen all four community bases for our Big Noise programmes.  It is exciting to be back in the communities so we can continue adapting our work and activities to help children and young people achieve their full potential and support their wellbeing.


Our Big Noise teams are delighted to be back, in a Covid-aware and responsible way, in the heart of Raploch, Govanhill, Torry and Douglas. During the Covid-19 lockdown and through August 2020, we worked hard to ensure that this new academic term of Big Noise would be fun and safe for everyone, whether through digital lessons or wherever possible teaching in person. We will monitor the changing guidelines closely and be ready to adapt and evolve as necessary for our participants, local partners and communities.


We have all learned a great deal since March and our Big Noise programmes are now delivering a range of engaging live online lessons, group lessons, pre-recorded video lessons and in-school face-to-face lessons. We would like to say a huge thank you to our partner schools in our communities, who have supported us to work with the children and young people in a variety of ways. We would also like to thank the many parents and carers who provided feedback about their experiences of Big Noise during lockdown and what they hoped for going forward. This feedback has helped to shape what we are doing now and will continue to do so in the months ahead. The Big Noise programmes are your programmes and we always welcome your input.


It is impossible to predict what the winter of 2020/21 will bring and the restrictions that may be put in place, or lifted, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, no matter what happens, our inspirational musicians will find exciting ways to continue to support our children, young people, families and communities to support wellbeing and keep making a Big Noise!



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