#100BigHellos - Our 10th Birthday Social Media Campaign

To help us celebrate our 10th Birthday, we'd like to invite your to join our very special virtual birthday party, by uploading a video of your version of the ‘Hello Song’ to social media.  The Hello Song is one of the first songs all children learn when they join a Big Noise programme. Don’t worry if you think you’re not musical, 100 Big Hellos is for everyone! Whether you’d like to sing, dance, play, whistle, or tap your interpretation of the Hello song, we’d love to see it.  Our aim is to reach 100 Big Hello videos online during our 10th Birthday year and to spread the word of Big Noise as far as we can. So get creative and most of all have some fun with it! 



How to take part:

  1. Using your phone or camera, record your version of the ‘Big Noise Hello Song’ (15-30 seconds in length) in whatever style you wish

  2. End your video by wishing Big Noise a Happy 10th Birthday

  3. Upload your video to Twitter or Facebook along with the post ‘Happy birthday #BigNoise and @sistemascotland! Here is our #100BigHellos message”. It really is that simple!

Remember: We’ll be Retweeting and re-sharing some of our favourite videos so be sure to tag @sistemascotland in your post and if you are using Facebook set the visibility setting of your post to ‘Public’ – that way we’ll definitely see it!


The Hello Song music:


pdf.png For Voice

pdf.png For String Instruments


We'd like to thank Rebecca Denniff, who originally wrote the 'Hello Song' and has allowed us to use this as part of our #100BigHellos Campaign. Please feel free to come up with your own arrangement for the Hello song, the more creative the better!


A couple more examples to give you some inspiration:



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