p2_portrait.pngPrimary 2 children from Walker Road and Tullos Primary Schools have been learning to play an instrument during class time. We would now like to invite these children to join Big Noise Holiday Club and Big Noise After School Club. Big Noise is free and open to all children currently in Primary 2.


If you would like to enrol your child in our Holiday or After School Club, please email us at torry@sistemascotland.org.uk or call us on 01224 974707 for more information.


The work of Big Noise and it's benefits to the children we work with has researched by Glasgow Centre for Population Health. Click here to find out more about the research.


Big Noise Holiday Club starts on Monday 4 July and runs for four weeks. During this time your child can come to Torry Academy Monday to Thursday mornings to play their instrument, sing, and play musical games. Your child does not need to come every day… although that would be great.

Everything at Big Noise is free and a hot breakfast will be provided.


Big Noise After School Club will start on 29 August. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons we will pick your child up from school and bring them to Torry Academy to play in orchestra and have music lessons until 4.30pm.

Everything at Big Noise is free and juice and a snack will be provided.


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