logo-bignoise.jpgBig Noise Torry was launched in July 2015 and is our third orchestra centre.

We currently work with nursery and P1-P6 children from Walker Road Primary School and Tullos Primary School, or children who live in Torry but attend school elsewhere. For more information about the in-school curriculum, click here.


In the years ahead we will grow with these children through their school careers, and we will recruit new children every year too. Big Noise Torry will eventually offer a pathway from babies through to adults – learning music immersively together. Everything at Big Noise is free of charge.


For more information contact or telephone: 01224 974707.


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Delivered in partnership with Aberdeen City Council.

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Aberdeen City Council's Co-Leader, Councillor Jenny Laing said: "Big Noise Torry is having a tremendous impact on the community here, transforming not only the lives of the children and young people taking part but also the entire community. We were delighted that the independent evaluation report by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health revealed that Big Noise Torry has enhanced participants' ability to learn in school as well as improving emotional wellbeing. A review carried out by Education Scotland also recognised that Big Noise is helping to improve the life chances of children. Big Noise Torry represents a great investment in the future of the community and Aberdeen City Council is proud to be the main financial stakeholder in the programme."

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Our Big Noise Torry After School Club is packed full of fun activities and is open to all P3-S1 children, who go to school or live in Torry.

Children are given a snack and then work together in group based sessions having musicianship, instrument sectional rehearsals, choir and orchestra.

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