Baby Noise

Baby Noise classes are run weekly in Govanhill for babies and toddlers with their parents or carers.  It is a fun, interactive music class exploring a world of new sounds and music through song, movement, listening and play.

Familiar songs and play help a child to listen and copy sounds, the building blocks for language. Movement games enhance a child’s physical development and co-ordination, through swaying, bouncing, walking, clapping and manipulating small instruments. Listening to music aims to build a child’s concentration and memory. The social aspect and routine of these classes help children to learn new skills such as choosing, taking turns, tidying up and playing with others. 

Ideal for busy parents, the classes provide a relaxed atmosphere where adults can share increased bonding or ‘golden time’ with their child. There is social time between the two groups, for parents and carers to relax, chat and have a cup of tea!

Classes are Mondays at 9.30am for toddlers (2-3 years), tea at 10.00am, then 10.15am for babies (0-2 years) and are open to any families living in Govanhill.


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