After School Club

bng3.jpgChildren from P3 onwards at the schools we work in are encouraged to join the after school club. We hope the experience they received from Big Noise in their early years inspires them to join the classes and private lessons on offer. The children are collected from school and walked to the centre. First a break with sandwiches, fruit and drinks and maybe a quick game, then onto sectionals, choir, musicianship or orchestra.

bng1.jpgMuch of the instrumental learning is done during sectionals. They learn the orchestral repertoire and work on technique using games and songs. The repertoire used has been specially written and devised for the programme by our director of music and Big Noise musicians.

During choir Kodaly training is used to develop the children’s sense of rhythm and pitch. The children are experienced singing in rounds and canons and will learn to sight sing. Musicianship lessons help unpack musical ideas: form, phrasing, harmony and notation and the children are given the opportunity to respond to music through many different ways.

bng5.jpgEverything taught during these sessions feeds directly into the orchestra which is at the heart of Big Noise. The children become completely at home playing together, performing in public, they grow in confidence and grow as a group.


Holiday Club

Big Noise do lots of exciting things outside of the school term as well.  During the holidays the children can come to Big Noise in the daytime to keep learning with the musicians. The holiday club includes lots of other fun activities as well as music, and everyone gets a hot lunch to eat every day.


This is also a good time for the children to ‘take a musician home for tea’, a chance for the Big Noise musicians to visit the children’s homes with their instruments. The children love playing in their own homes and showing off what they have been learning, as well as hearing their teachers play too.


Big Noise children also really like having the opportunity to go on trips as an orchestra. In the past year Big Noise Govanhill have performed at various venues and events around the city, been on a residential camp in Gartmore House, and much more.



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