Little Noise


Little Noise - Coming Soon

bn-little-noise.pngBig Noise is in the process of developing a programme for babies/toddlers and their carers (including mums, dads, grandparents, child-minders etc). This play-oriented session is a FREE weekly music class open to all residents of Torry.


Classes feature songs, nursery rhymes, instrument play, movement games, and live and recorded music. Little Noise encourages children to listen and copy sounds, enhances physical development and coordination, and develops early social skills such as choosing, taking turns, and playing together. The activities allow carers and babies to engage in music in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. No musical ability required.


Little Noise is set to launch in February 2017. Tea and snacks are provided after each class for a chance to meet and socialize with other parents, as well.



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